Character Information
Name Zoe
Gender Female
Franchise Morphers
Weapons/Accessories Jet Boosters
Occupation Postwoman
Residence Lava Wasteland
I may be quick, but I am no stupid idiot, no way.
— Zoe's first line when entering the game
Hey men, what you ups to?
— Zoe's second line when entering the game
These Macaron-I and Cheese are insanely epic!
— Zoe's third line when entering the game
Zoe is a character in Morphers.


Zoe is the most mean, offensive, and violent Morpher, and the people that think that are right. Zoe is extremely insane and loves to injure others for fun, always torturing Morphers and even her own sisters. He makes fun of the Christians for their mental retardation. Zoe is extremely uncaring and is not at all loyal.


  • Master Build (Fire Boosters)
  • Accelerator Switches
  • Laser (Fire Boosters)
  • Morph

Idle Animations

  • Zoe runs off the screen, then comes back from the other side.
  • Zoe eats a Macaron-I.

Attack Animations

Normal Attacks

  • Ricochet Slap: Zoe smacks the enemy, causing them to ricochet across the screen until they break apart.

Ground Pound

  • Zoe sets off her Fire Boosters as she lands.

Finishing Moves

  • Blazing Blur: Zoe dashes to an enemy instantly, burning them in a trail of flames, killing them.
  • 100 Punch Combo: Zoe rushes to the enemy and pummels them with a rapid series of punches.

Misc. Animations



  • Zoe stamps her foot on the ground as she looks towards the screen.

Standing on Edge

  • Zoe holds a foot over the edge.


  • Zoe hunches over and slowly walks.


  • Zoe walks as if she's in slow motion.


  • She is portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter in Morphers, who reprises her role in the game.
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