Year 4 is the fourth and final year of LEGO Dimensions products, created by Trailblazer101. The first wave was released in December 2018 and the final wave will release in September 2019. Year 4 was preceded by Year 3.



  • New Year 4 Story Mode Levels including new Foundation Elements, Minikits, and Citizens in Peril.
  • New Year 4 expanded Adventure Worlds including more interior locations and new Year 4 Gold Bricks and Red Bricks.
  • New undetermined game mode unlocked by Year 4 Characters, with a new undetermined shop.
  • New Year 4 hub area which is accessed from The Arch by a new Aerial Faith Plate (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch) or by a new portal (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U). Both the Aerial Faith Plate and the portal are located in between the Ben 10 and Men in Black portals on their respective versions.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Team Pack (Violet Baudelaire + Self-Sustaining Hot Air Mobile Home, Klaus Baudelaire + Rock-Retrieval Device)
  • Fun Pack (Count Olaf + The Carmelita)


  • Fun Pack (Stringfellow Hawke + Airwolf Helicopter)

Alita: Battle Angel

  • Story Pack (Alita + Berserker Ship, Dr. Ido's Laboratory Toy Pad Build, Robust Keystone)
  • Fun Pack (Dr. Dyson Ido + Grewishka)

Captain Underpants

  • Team Pack (Captain Underpants + Turbo Toilet 2000, Tippy Tinkletrousers + Radioactive Robo-Boxers)

Despicable Me

  • Team Pack (Gru + Grumobile, Minion + Gru's Rocket)
  • Fun Pack (Lucy Wilde + Lucy's Car)
  • Fun Pack (Dru + Dru's Villain Wheels)

Dragon Ball Z

  • Level Pack (Goku + Flying Nimbus + Attack Ball)
  • Team Pack (Vegeta + Roundworm, Frizea + Frizea's Hover Pod)
  • Fun Pack (Piccolo + Namekian Spaceship)


  • Story Pack (David Dunn/The Overseer, Kevin Wendell Crumb/The Horde, Elijah Price/Mr. Glass + Hypnotic Light Stand, Philadelphia Institution, Illusion Keystone)


  • Fun Pack (Slappy the Dummy + The Haunted Car)

Gravity Falls

  • Team Pack (Dipper Pines + The Shacktron + Mabel Pines + Mystery Cart)
  • Fun Pack (Stan Pines + Corn-o-corn)
  • Fun Pack (Bill Cipher + Illuminati Pyramid)

Home Alone

  • Fun Pack (Kevin McCallister + Kevin's Sled)

Mega Man

  • Level Pack (Mega Man + Rush Roadstar + NetMobile)

Men in Black: International

  • Story Pack (Agent M, Agent H + To be added Vehicle, To be added Toy Pad Build, To be added Keystone)
  • Fun Pack (High T + To be added Vehicle/Gadget)

Mortal Engines

  • Story Pack (Hester Shaw + Jenny Haniver, Great Hunting Ground Toy Pad Build, Rust Keystone)
  • Fun Pack (Thaddeus Valentine + London Engine)


  • Fun Pack (Pac-Man + Soul Varoon)

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

  • Story Pack (Tim Goodman + Detective Pikachu, Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory To Pad Build, Fracture Keystone)
  • Fun Pack (Lucy Stevens + Psyduck)
  • Fun Pack (Mewtwo + Squirtle Balloon)


  • Level Pack (Archie Andrews + Archie's Car + Hiram's Car)

Star Trek

  • Team Pack (Captain Kirk + USS Enterprise, Commander Spock + USS Voyager)

The Addams Family

  • Team Pack (Gomez Addams + Kitty Kat, Mortica Addams + Thing)

The Adventures of Tintin

  • Level Pack (Tintin + The Unicorn + Snowy)
  • Fun Pack (Captain Archibald Haddock + 17th Century Unicorn)
  • Fun Pack (Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine + SS Karaboudjan)

The Croods

  • Level Pack (Eep + Macawnivore + Belt)

The Twilight Zone

  • Level Pack (The Narrator + Rusty Air Force Jet + Talky Tina)

Tron: Legacy

  • Team Pack (Sam Flynn + Light Cycle, Quorra + Clu's Warship)

Thunderbirds Are Go

  • Level Pack (Scott Tracy + Thunderbird 1 + The Mole)

Voltron: Legendary Defender

  • Team Pack (Shiro + Black Lion, Keith + Red Lion)
  • Fun Pack (Pidge + Green Lion)
  • Fun Pack (Lance + Blue Lion)
  • Fun Pack (Hunk + Yellow Lion)

(All of the Lions can unlock instructions to be combined as Voltron when placed on the Toy Pad together.)

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

  • Level Pack (Willy Wonka + Wonkamobile + Wonkavision)


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Toy Pad Builds

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To be added

Foundation Elements

To be added

Red Bricks

To be added


To be added

Citizens in Peril

To be added


Story Mode Levels

To be added

Story Pack Levels

To be added

Level Pack Levels

To be added


Adventure Worlds

To be added

Race Tracks

To be added


To be added

Trophy Room

To be added



To be added

Health Bars

To be added

Spotlight Themes

To be added

Toy Tags

  • New Year 4 Toy Tags which are colored green.


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LEGO Gateway Menu

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  • There are 25 new franchises introduced in Year 4, which results in 75 franchises being present in the game altogether. There are 76 franchises in the game altogether if counting LEGO Dimensions, although it is not a traditional franchise.
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