Dead Slender
Character Information
Name Wyveslender
Franchise Venture
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Wyvern
Residence Wyve
Wyveslender is a Venture character in LEGO Dimensions, available in the Venture Team Pack.


Wyveslenders are enemies in Venture. Wyveslenders have the ability in order to teleport to a area or teleport to the player when aggresive. They also have the ability to pick up certain types of objects and move them around with their slender arms. When killed, Wyveslender will drop 1 wyve pearl in order to get to the Wyve.


  • Venture World (MIne, Wyve, Dlab Tribe)


  • Teleportation
  • Weight Switch (Uses wabe)

Idle Animations

  • Wyveslender teleports out of view and returns back again.
  • Wyveslender tries to dodge a bunch of rain droplets until a bunch a rain falls on him.

Finishing Moves

  • Wyveslender throws acetone peroxide at the enemy.
  • Wyveslender beats the enemy with his long arms.


  • His death animation involves his arms and half of his legs snapping off, as he does in Venture itself.
  • Just like the Wicked Witch, Gizmo, and Stripe, Wyveslender can not even go into knee-deep water due to it's weakness in Venture. Wyveslender will teleport to the closest land when it is about to land in water. 
    • Ironically, it can use the Water Element when the Elemental Keystone is active without any problem. 
  • Wyveslender's only noise in game is the sound it makes in Venture (sort of a horrific scream).
  • He is the first Creepypasta-related character in LEGO Dimensions (being based on Slenderman), along with Count Lionel.
  • They were originally known as Dead Slenders, but the name was changed to fit in with the Wyve.
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