Wyve is a Venture location in LEGO Dimensions.


Once one enters the Wyve, the only way out is to kill the Wyvern, or die. The dragon will spawn naturally and fly around above a number of obsidian supports arranged in a circular fashion around the island. On top of each column lies a Wyve Quartz. Once killed, the Wyvern will explode, drop 70 levels of XP balls, and create an Exit Portal. Atop the exit portal lies a Dragon Egg.

Sub Locations


  • The final half of Wyvern's War takes place in the Wyve.
  • Like in Venture, if you jump off of the edge, you die.
  • If you Sniper Scope the jailed Wyve Quartz, then the mechanoid from 70626 Dawn of Iron Doom will appear.
    • If you Sniper Scope the Wyvern, the Hungarian Horntail from Harry Potter appears.
    • If you sniper scope an Obsidian Tower, a Dragon Archer from Kingdoms appears.
    • If you Sniper Scope the Void, Dragon Fortress Guard from Orient Expedition appears.
    • If you sniper scope the Exit Portal, Iron Baron from Ninjago appears.