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The AnthonyM and the World of Sketch adventure world, known officially as World of Sketch, is an Adventure World in LEGO Dimensions.


  • AnthonyM (unlocks Guardian's Sanctum)
    • Antoni Emma (unlocks U25)
    • Kid Color (unlocks U12)
    • Sunstorm (unlocks U7)


Universe 23

Universe 25

  • General Stonespine
  • Tekka
  • Ventus
  • Shadya
  • Penciltown Mayor (U25)
  • Crysteenah

Universe 12

  • Heavy Bouncer
  • Gearhead
  • Fallen Angel
  • Golden Terror
  • Little Miss Penelope
  • Penelope's Father

Universe 7

  • Red Roller
  • Sprocket
  • Beauty Blue
  • Nihcru Thoruni
  • Pink Punk


  • Diner Dilemma (Waitress Penny 1)
  • One Pan Down (Waitress Penny 2)
  • Superboss Stride (Twillo)
  • Treehouse Turmoil (Kizun / Ruzia / Chizeku)
  • Quantum Clean-Up (X-PO Clone)
  • Penelope's Daily Walkabout (Little Miss Penelope)
  • Spruce Up the Workplace (Tekka)
  • Tempest Trouble at the Studio (Beauty Blue)


  • Restore the Guardian Flames (20,000 Studs)
  • Restore the Penciltown Sign (10,000 Studs per area, must be done four seperate times)
  • Restore the Penciltown Diner (25,000 Studs)
  • Restore Penelope's Safehouse (30,000 Studs)
  • Restore the Skyborn Studio Telescopes (20,000 Studs)


Universe 23

  • Guardian's Sanctum
  • Penciltown Square (U23)
    • M-Crew Command Base (U23)
    • Penciltown Diner
    • Sketchima Skyscraper (U12)
    • CYF Building
  • Mt. Earthclad (U23)
  • Scrap Island (U23)
  • Stratosville (U23)
  • Seafloor Vista (U23)

Universe 25

  • Guardian's Sanctum
  • Penciltown Square (U25)
    • M-Crew Command Base (U25)
    • Pastel Park
    • Sunset Plateau
  • Mt. Earthclad (U25)
  • Scrap Island (U25)
  • Stratosville (U25)
  • Seafloor Vista (U25)

Universe 12

  • Guardian's Sanctum
  • Penciltown Square (U12)
    • Whitemoon Nightclub
    • Penelope's Safehouse
    • Sketchima Skyscraper (U12)
  • Vantage Mountain
  • Scrap Island (U12)
  • Stratosville (U12)

Universe 7

  • Guardian's Sanctum
  • Penciltown Square (U7)
    • Skyborn Studio
    • Shopping Center
    • Penciltown Tower
    • Battle Central
  • Mt. Earthclad (U7)
  • Canvas Island
  • Cloudtop Village

Red Brick

  • Challenge Pendant: Normal enemies now have as much health as your stud multiplier. Stud multiplier slows down. The multiplier effect does not work on bosses or Daleks.


  • Cybern, Hekama, Crystallon, and Crysteenah are fellow characters from a comic strip called Choose Your Fighter!
    • The first three are Citizens in Peril in some of the levels.
  • Little Miss Penelope and Waitress Penny are quantum parallels of each other, with the former being a friend of Kid Color (and is 9 years old), while the latter is AnthonyM's love interest and a waitress at Penciltown Diner (and is 18 years old).
  • Penciltown is a central location in the whole of the series. It is a common meeting point for Sketchians of all shapes and sizes, and it is the place the M-Crew set up their base.
    • This is also true for the crews that set up the Whitemoon Nightclub and Skyborn Studio.