Character Information
Name Winston
Gender Male
Franchise Morphers
Occupation Alchemist's Assistant


Residence Magic Tent
— Winston's line when Maggie and Mervyn are ingame.
Winston is a Morphers character in LEGO Dimensions.


Winston is the most territorial of the Winters. He is both a receptionist and a showgirl (or showboy, in his case), but his hyper, lovable, and playful personality make him act extremely open. Winston loves all kinds of activities, from farting out magic to hanging off the ceiling to playing with his fellow Morphers. Winston is a happy spirit, which is impossible to change.


  • Magic
    • Magical Shield
    • Magic Portal
    • Dark Magic
    • Apparate Access
  • Parseltongue Doors
  • Diffindo
  • Abracowackadoodle
  • Sonar Smash (Magical Farts)
  • Grapple (Hook)
    • Rope Swings
  • Flight (Magic Fart Cloud)
  • Mini Access
  • Morphing

Idle Animations

  • Winston farts out magic.
  • Winston performs and laughs.

Finishing Moves

  • Winston kills the enemy with a magical blast.
  • Winston farts an Abra Cloudabra on the enemy.


  • He is portrayed by James Van Der Beek, and uses Archive Audio ingame.
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