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Wings of Fire, an early-teens book series by Tui T. Sutherland, is one of the many franchises in LEGO Dimensions.

About the Franchise

In the world of Pyrrhia, dragons are the dominant species, organizing kingdoms and civilizations based around seven subspecies, or "tribes": The Sandwings, Icewings, Nightwings, Skywings, Mudwings, Rainwings, and Seawings. Civil war ravages the continent as Pyrrhia's six remaining tribes (the Nightwings having been lost to history) battle to decide who should inherit the Sandwing throne.

Packs by DetectiveSky612

Story Pack:

  • Moonwatcher
  • Darkstalker's Scroll
    • Rainwing Scroll
    • Comprehensive Scroll
  • Jade Academy Toy Pad Build
  • Story: The Jade Mountain Prophecy
    • Six levels based off of the five books of the second Wings of Fire arc.
  • Keystone: Talisman
    • Different areas of the Toy Pad convey different buffs, which can then be used to solve puzzles. (For example: Super Strength, Stealth, Dive, and Invulnerability)