Willy Daniels
Willy Daniels
Character Information
Name Willy Daniels
Gender Male
Franchise Venture: Missions
Weapons/Accessories Doughnut
Occupation Chief
Residence Wara Wara Station House
Willy Daniels is a Venture: Missions character in LEGO Dimensions.


Willy Daniels is the chief of the Sakura Hills Police Department. He has an intensive hatred of Albert Modnik, due to Modnik often being cited as the creator of mods, while Daniels invented the first, most basic ones. Due to this, Daniels always sends Modnik out on quests in hopes of his death. However, Daniels hated Modnik less postmortem. After the death of Albert Modnik, Daniels, along with everyone in Wara Wara, discarded the mods they used. He was killed in the nuclear attack on Wara Wara by the United Nations of Vepture, as was everyone else in Wara Wara.


I have not hired people as officers to cause chaos, I have hired them to preserve chaos, like Modnik and his disorderly mods!
— Willy Daniels' first line when idle
My lawmen do not just enforce the law; they follow it.
— Willy Daniels' second line when idle
The greatest detectives live the majority of their lives alone.
— Willy Daniels' third line when idle


  • Like Officer, he takes on the doughnut eating stereotype of police.
  • He appeared in the bar's background during Venture: Halloween, asleep next to a box of chocolate doughnuts.
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