Character Information
Name Wendigo
Gender Male
Franchise Venture: Breathtaking Fear
Weapons/Accessories Gun Clout
Occupation Maifoso
Residence Vepturegeng Base
Yo' can always tell when Serpent be lyin'. His mouth opens.
— Wendigo's first line when entering the game
Stupid buttocks.
— Wendigo's second line when entering the game
— Wendigo's third line when entering the game
Wendigo is a Venture: Breathtaking Fear character in LEGO Dimensions.


Wendigo is considered "the outright most violent of the Vepturegeng" (which says more than you think). He acts subdued, cool and efficient on the outside, but is actually bitter, and paranoid (with great reason). If a god stayed on his good side, all would be well, unfortunately his good side was also absent. Get on his terrible side and he would ruin you, your house, your tribe, even your universe, for his own spiteful amusement. Because he lost his logical side to Clip, his chaotic side became impossible for him to control. He particularly hated wanted to kill Count Lionel because he was the one responsible for splitting Clip from him. The only one who he liked was Tracer, as Wendigo considered him too dim for scheming. Before abandoning the Trackers, Wendigo completed a quest involving the retrieval of an ancient tablet, but he hid it away rather than turning it in to the Trackers; when the Poachers catch up with the Vepturegeng, Wendigo has a bargaining chip for himself.

Wendigo has the Vapor Strength of Saliva, though he can only activate it by combining his strength with that of another Vepturegengster. He can also fire bullets from his Clout Goggles. His other powers included: a just amount of power, resistance drowning in ocean water, and the ability to gain strength that he had been attacked with for a short time. Wendigo is equipped with a Water Harpoon Gun that can pull him through the tides, its other end being a chainsaw that could hurl Water Knives. He also uses an Energy Crossbow.


  • Water Spray
  • Target (Gun Clout)
  • Diving
  • Ability Parasite
  • Vine Cut (Harpoon Saw)


Yo' cranium be a wormhole. No matta how big it be, it be dense!
— Wendigo's first line when entering the game
Yo' darn heart be a snoop fluid; it can only occupy one state.
— Wendigo's second line when entering the game
Why be there pressure on yo' brain? Bcuz' it be a slow fluid.
— Wendigo's third line when entering the game
Bacculites wit' guns. My frickin' kinda party.
— Wendigo talking to Squidley
Yo' may be a pretty chick, but I ain't likin' anyone who associates wit' dat Robert Jacob.
— Wendigo talking to Robyn Jacob
Hey, aren't yo' da demon who sabotaged my frickin' escape pod? Oh wait, dat was just Ruffian. What a frickin' lil' devil.
— Wendigo talking to Count Lionel


  • He is portrayed by Andy Serkis, who reprises his role in the game.
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