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Wanted is the first chapter of the Shrek Story Pack.

Story Mode Plot

Shrek enjoys a quiet, peaceful life at his swamp. However, villagers plan to raid his home and kill him. Hearing the commotion, Shrek sneaks up on the villagers and scares them away. He then picks up the sign, reading it. The ogre throws away the sign and walks back to his house.

The next morning, fairytale creatures are being sold to the Duloc Guards, including a talking Donkey. The old lady, who was his owner, took him to the knights. After refusing to talk, the lady unintentionally kicks the cage containing Tinker Bell and it falls on Donkey, hit with fairy dust and can fly only for a few seconds. While flying, he exposed himself by talking. After falling, the knights tackled him but he was able to escape from them fast enough and bumps into Shrek (literally).

The knights retreated as soon as the ogre came close to them, saving Donkey. At first, Shrek didn't like the idea of Donkey on his land but after the begging he allows him to stay for one night only outside.


Level Music


  • There are cameos made by characters, vehicles or items that have appeared in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch.
    • The Villager from Minecraft is seen in the opening, planning to raid Shrek's house and kill him.
    • The Witch from the Collectible Minifigures series can be spotted in a cutscene where she is sold to Lord Farquaad's guards. She replaces the Wicked Witch from the first movie.
    • Tinker Bell from the Disney franchise appears in a cage that an old woman accidentally kicks in the air.