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WWIII: Battle Royale is a video game sub-franchise of WWIII in LEGO Dimensions.


World War III has finally occurred, and four alliances have gone against each other in battles; the New Pacific Order, the United Republic, the Independent Combat Organization, and the Morum. Who will win? Well, you already know from the movie, but still!


  • WWIII: Battle Royale Team Pack
    • New Pacific Order Soldier
      • Fighter Plane
        • Attack Submarine
        • Ironclad
    • United Republic Soldier
      • Assault Vehicle
        • Mine Clearing Vehicle
        • Combat Engineering Vehicle
  • Independent Combat Organization Fun Pack
    • Independent Combat Organization Soldier
      • Amphibious Vehicle
        • Military Glider
        • Technical
  • Morum Fun Pack
    • Morum Soldier
      • Afterburner
        • Armored Ambulance
        • Flying Wing