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Normal Variant Wikiverse Warriors
WC Sunamaru
Character Information
Name WC Sunamaru
Gender Male
Franchise Wikiverse Warriors
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Turbo-kart
Occupation Wiki user
Residence TBA

"Ready to battle?"

-WC Sunamaru's first line upon entering

"It is time..."

-WC Sunamaru's second line upon entering

"What's up?"

-WC Sunamaru's third line upon entering

WC Sunamaru is a character in LEGO Dimensions. He comes in a team pack with Dark Sunamaru.




Wikiverse Warriors: The Wikiverse


  • Master Build
  • Vent Acsess
  • Grapple
    • Rope Swings
  • Drone Mazes (Mini Go-kart)
  • Technology
  • Hacking
  • Pole Vault


"Goodbye everyone!"

-WC Sunamaru's first line when entering the game

"I'm gonna see what's beyond the wikiverse!"

-WC Sunamaru's second line when exiting the game

"It looks like it's about time to return to my diner. The other guy is getting a bit tired."

-WC Sunamaru's third line when exiting the game.

"Woah, And I thought the Wikiverse portals were weird!"

-WC Sunamaru's first line in the vortex

"Falling, falling, falling... Okay, i'm bored."

-WC Sunamaru's second line in the vortex

"My eyes kinda hurt. Maybe I should stop staring at this thing."

-WC Sunamaru's third line in the vortex.

"Does anyone have any suggestions to where I should put the built-in cooler on this thing?"

-WC Sunamaru's first line while upgrading

"Does the local auto parts store sell bottom-mounted laser blasters? I'm joking. Of course they don't. But what about rear-mounted ones?"

-WC Sunamaru's second line when upgrading

"Does Anyone here know how to make a flux compasitor?"

-WC Sunamaru's third line when upgrading

"When i'm done with this thing, it's gonna be radder, faster, and more adiquite!"

-WC Sunamaru's fourth line when upgrading

"Hah! I've fought plenty of challengers tougher than you! I've fought demons! Well, technically I lost, but I was still fine! Mostlty..."

-WC Sunamaru's first line in combat

"You wanna fight, eh? Let's fight!"

-WC Sunamaru's second line in combat

"Challange accepted!"

-WC Sunamaru's third line in combat

"Don't worry, i've got this."

-WC Sunamaru when able to solve a puzzle

"I'm gonna leave this one to the experts."

-WC Sunamaru when unable to solve a puzzle

"This looks useful! or atl least valuable..."

-WC Sunamaru's first line when obtaining a collectible

"I'll bring this to wiki HQ later to see what it is. Nah, I'll take care of it."

-WC Sunamaru's second line when obtaining a collectible

"Eh, go-kart, soapbox car. Does it really matter?"

-WC Sunamaru when using the Gravity Sprinter

"How about, you DON'T convert me, and YOU go shut down forever?"

-WC Sunamaru to the Cyberman

others TBA


  • Aaron voices him in the original game, and reprises his role.
  • His first line in combat references Dark Sunamaru's backstory.