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WC Sunamaru
Character Information
Name WC Sunamaru
Gender Male
Franchise The LEGO Blazer Movie
Weapons/Accessories Dual Knives
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Turbo Kart
Occupation TBA
Residence The Trail House


-WC Sunamaru's first line upon entering the game

"It's me, Whoovsicast Sunamaru, here to do the thing!"

-WC Sunamaru's second line upon entering the game

"Mind if I help you for a sec?"

-WC Sunamaru's third line upon entering the game.

WC Sunamaru is a LEGO Blazer Movie character in LEGO Multiverse. He appears when you play as WC Sunamaru in The LEGO Blazer Movie open world or levels, or when using the Mutants, Not Outcasts! Red Brick.




  • Master Build
  • Vent Acsess
  • Technology
  • Hacking
  • Drone Mazes (Manas)
  • Vine Cut
  • Grappling
    • Rope Swings
  • Prototermis Transformation
    • Hazard Resistance
    • Laser Resistance
    • Super Strength
    • Laser Deflection


"I'm outta here!"

-WC Sunamaru's first line when leaving

"Welp, it looks like it's about time to leave. Bye!"

-WC Sunamaru's second line when leaving the game

"Move along, everyone. Like I know you to."

-WC Sunamaru's third line when exiting the game

"Tention is risin'!"

-WC Sunamaru's first line in the vortex.

"Learn to fly, reach the sky!"

-WC Sunamaru's secon line in the vortex

"Can anybody see the exit? I think I feel sick!"

-WC Sunamaru's third line in the vortex

"I can do this! Stand back, everyone!"

-WC Sunamaru when able to solve a puzzle

"Hmm... Yep, you're gonna have to call someone else for this one."

-WC Sunamaru when unable to solve a puzzle

"Bring it on, pals!"

-WC Sunamaru when in combat

"Time to turn my epidermis into protodermis! That... Sounded better in my head."

-WC Sunamaru's first line when activating his Protoderis form

"I think this is the time to turn into solid protodermis!"

-WC Sunamaru's second line when  hisactivating protodermis form

"Well, you know what they say. Gotta go fast!"

-WC Sunamaru when using the Sonic Speedster

"This vehicle seems adiquite. Let's do this!"

-WC Sunamaru when using the Turbo Kart.


"This looks like a job for a guy made of solid protodermis if ever there was one!!"

-WC Sunamaru when able to solve a puzzle

"You know, for being made of solid space metal, I feel kinda weightless..."

-WC Sunamaru in the vortex


  • WC Sunamaru reprises his role from the movie in the game.
  • In addition to his protoermis form, his lines make multiple references to Bionicle.
    • His third exit line references Move Along, a song used to promote the Toa Inika.
    • Likewise, his first and second Vortex lines reference Gravity Hurts, a song used for promoting the Phantoka.