Vortech Minions are one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions under the command of Lord Vortech and LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch as allies of Vortech Cultists and Foundation Crime.


Dimensions Crisis

These evil dimensional minions are created by Lord Vortech and have no role but to mindlessly follow his will. They primarily help capture people and lock them in their cages.

Grand Interdimensional War

At the height of the Grand Interdimensional War, Lord Vortech's former power began to slowly grow as his minions were summoned by Foundation Crime with the help of Vortech Cultists and escaped to Lord Vortech's Fortress. As a result of this, they travelled to every dimension in search of the Foundation Elements. They even found a way to go back in time by attacking the New Avengers Facility and using the Quantum Realm in 2023 to do so.

Following the destruction of the Kragle and the Piece of Resistance, Grand Emperor Enoch summoned them to his castle as part of Foundation Crime and ordered them to obtain Rex Dangervest's Flux Capacitor, which they did successfully. Despite this however, they only serve their master Lord Vortech as Enoch had no omnipotent power over them..

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