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Vortech Cultists are one of the non-playable characters in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch under the command of the Foundation Crime cult leader Bellosh and later Evilina, serving as the followers of Lord Vortech.


The Vortech Cultists are individuals who are loyal and worshiped their deity Lord Vortech.

On a distant world of Foundation Prime, many cultists attempted to reach a nexus beneath it's surface.

Early history

Before they were cultists, they had been former followers of the Foundation Entities as Foundation Priests. At that point, they betrayed their cause in favor of their new master Lord Vortech. As of that time they had long waited for his return to power.

Grand Empire era

By the time Grand Emperor Enoch began his takeover of the Multiverse, the crime syndicate known as Foundation Crime had become fascinated with Lord Vortech's power and joined forces with the cultists. Together they hunted down many artifacts including Lord Vortech's Staff. Though the cultists are not powerful, they claimed to have received visions of Vortech returning to supreme power by an unknown nexus of evil.