Voldelem Bata
Character Information
Name Voldelem Bata
Gender Male
Franchise Venture: Bounty
Weapons/Accessories Knives
Occupation Insurgent
Voldelem Bata is a Venture: Bounty character in LEGO Dimensions.


Voledelem Bata is a young insurgent from Swinton. Voldelem is the younger brother of Degen Bata, who is also an insurgent. Although the details of how are unknown, Degen and Voldelem joined Soren Helt's rebellion at some point. He is often treated like a son by Robyn Jacob. Voldelem has a tendency to act violently and had a history of disrespecting women and kicking men in the testicles.


  • Mini Access
  • Vine Cut (Knives)
  • Wall Run (Knives)


  • Despite being a young teen, his Minifigure uses the short legs that are often put on child or dwarf characters. This is to help differentiate him from Degen Bata, who is almost a foot taller than him.
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