Character Information
Name Vesp
Franchise The Adventures of Vesp
Weapons/Accessories None
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Elevator Time Machine
Occupation Time-Traveller
Residence New Rome
What time is it?
— Vesp's first line when entering the game
Avast, ye landlubbers! Vesp, the time-travelling pirate is here!
— Vesp's second line when entering the game
Never fear! Vesp is here!
— Vesp's third line when entering the game
Vesp is one of the Story Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the The Adventures of Vesp Story Pack for the The Adventures of Vesp franchise.


Dimensions Crisis



The Adventures of Vesp: New Rome


  • Hacking
  • Techno Panels
  • Fix-It
  • Acrobatics
  • Drone (Bob, the robot Dog)
  • Character Changing
    • Vesp (Pirate Outfit)
      • Vine Cut
    • Vesp (Knight Outfit)
      • Sword Switches
      • Laser Deflection
    • Vesp (Wild West Outfit)
      • Target
      • Silver LEGO Blowup
    • Vesp (Vampire Hunter)
      • Stealth


See ya later, I'm gonna go ride a T-Rex.
— Vesp's first line when leaving the game
I'll be back some time in the future. Or the past.
— Vesp's second line when leaving the game
Gotta go. Things to see, places to be.
— Vesp's third line when leaving the game
Woah! That was some heavy stuff there..
— Vesp's first line when respawning
Eh, can't be worse than Dracula.
— Vesp before confronting a boss
Ooh, shiny. I'm gonna add this to my collection.
— Vesp when obtaining a collectable
Never come across something like this before..
— Vesp when unable to solve a puzzle
Bring it on!
— Vesp's first line when in combat
So who do these goons work for? Dracula, King Henry the eighth, Blackbeard? I've fought them all.
— Vesp's second line when in combat
Hey, I know how to do this!
— Vesp's first line when about to solve a puzzle
This looks simple enough..
— Vesp's second line when about to solve a puzzle
This is way different than the time stream!
— Vesp when in the vortex
Multi-dimensional travel? Amazing! I still haven't figured that out yet!
— Vesp's second line when in the vortex
Hey! Let's talk about the 80's!
— Vesp when seeing Gamer Kid
Ooh, old school, I like it!
— Vesp when riding the TARDIS
We have to go back! TO THE FUTURE!
— Vesp when riding the Delorean Time Machine.
Bring me that horizon!
— Vesp when riding any Pirate Ship
Hey, big fan, can I get your autograph?
— Vesp when seeing Marty McFly
Who ya gonna call?
— Vesp when riding the Ecto-1
Woah. First time I've seen a dinosaur without time-travel.
— Vesp when riding Velociraptor
I just hope I remember where I park this thing.
— Vesp when riding the Invisible Jet.
Steady on there, big guy.
— Vesp when entering a mech or seeing a giant character.
Ah, home.. If you could call it that..
— Vesp when in the TAOV World
I wonder who's behind all this..
— Vesp when idle.
Time for an upgrade!
— Vesp's first line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget.
Some rocket launchers there, some high-tech shields here.
— Vesp's second line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget.
Did I just destroy the space-time continuum?
— Vesp when seeing Vesp


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