Veronica Jackson
Character Information
Name Veronica Jackson
Gender Female
Franchise 4Corners
Weapons/Accessories MP3
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Beauty Boat
Occupation 6th Grade Student at Cornerville Middle School
Residence Corner Apartments
Veronica Jackson, at your service.
— Veronica's first line when entering the game
Hey! I was in the middle of picking a dress!
— Veronica's second line when entering the game
Have no fear! The MP3 playing beauty queen is here!
— Veronica's thord line when entering the game

Veronica Jackson is one of the Team Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the 4Corners franchise.


  • Taunt
  • Mini Access


It's almost time for my beauty pageant! Gotta go!
— Veronica's first line when leaving the game
I need to go dress shopping! See ya!
— Veronica's second line when leaving the game
I think I left my curling iron on! I'll be right back!
— Veronica's third line when leaving the game
I think your adorableness can help you win beauty pageants.
— Veronica when seeing Bubbles
It's always nice to see a female that can kick butt!
— Veronica when seeing Buttercup
Can you play some of your songs on my MP3?
— Veronica when seeing Marceline
This is louder than my MP3 can even take!
— Veronica when travelling by portal


  • Veronica is voiced Ginnifer Goodwin.
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