Venturian Battle (Trigger Happy the Gremlin)

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Venturian Battle is a television show franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


Mass immigration of people from the third-world region of Rahat to Planet Venture's leading continent Venturia is exploited by a terrorist organization that leaves the nation in disarray. As a new millennium begins, terrorist attacks occur throughout the Divisions of Venture and sow fear and hatred in the civilians. After many suicide bombings and the destruction of Venturian military personnel, a counter-terrorist team is formed and codenamed "[the] Venturian Battle," hoping to stop IETO and preserve the honor of innocent Rahatians.


  • Venturian Battle Team Pack
    • Barnett Felix
      • Confetti RĂ¡pido Tracer
    • Clay Morgana
      • Egalburgher Beowulf
  • Saad Ayman Nein Fun Pack
    • Saad Ayman Nein
      • IETO Attack Helicopter

* indicates the character is playable via character change

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