Venturian Battle

Venturian Battle is a television show franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


Mass immigration of people from the third-world region of Rahat has left the first-world of Planet Venture in disarray. As a new millennium begins, terroristic attacks occur throughout the Divisions of Venture, the planet's leading nation. After many suicide bombings and the destruction of Venturian military personnel, a counter-terrorist team is formed and codenamed "[the] Venturian Battle".


  • Venturian Battle Level Pack
    • Robert Jacob
      • Gregory Griffin
        • Genji Bayonetta R
        • Egalburgher Veebux
          • TBA
  • Venturian Battle Team Pack
    • Barnett Felix
      • Confetti Rápido Tracer
    • Prisco Sigoursson
      • Egalburgher Beowulf
  • Saad Ayman Nein Fun Pack
    • Saad Ayman Nein
      • IETO Attack Helicopter

* indicates the character is playable via character change

** indicates the character is playable when another variant of them is in a hub world or level for VB.


  • This is the only franchise to have more than one Team and Level Pack.
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