Venturian Battle is a game mode in LEGO 1001 Spears Vega, alike the Battle Mode from LEGO Dimensions.


Venturian Battle is a game mode based around Super Smash Bros. and the film/novel series Hunger Games. Players begin at random or specific areas, depending on which option is set, and scavenge for treasure chests of offerings. There is a jumble of chests throughout the arenas, including the center of the arena, having many. Offerings range from armor which reduces damage to weaponry that increases attack damage. Depending on the arena, items from different franchises may be obtainable, but it is mainly Venture ones.



  • Cave: A big, ancient underground structure full of waterfalls, stone, and masonry. Supposedly the wreckage of a morgue.
  • Estuary: A hidden buccaneer camp full of ghost ships and rock shelters.
  • Crucible: A melting pot in Hell, full of gallons of magma to add to the Hellish feeling.


  • Naval Combat: Choose which ship to go on, as you plan your attack strategy against the other team!
  • Tunisia Deserts: Explore Tunisia, including the shop tank and bogs. Watch out for Raiders!
  • Land Harbor: Park your car, pack your luggage, and go through a luncheonette... for battle?
  • Orbitron Interior: Go on a conquest inside of the rebuilt advance base! Watch out for Shock Soldiers!
  • Orbitron Exterior: Jump on stationary vehicles as you duke it out above the station! Before, BOOM!


  • Lava Flow Desert: Its impossible to chill here, so just look out for the lava erupting from below!
  • Mine: Burrow deep underground, and combat the others before the ceiling collapses!
  • Urban Mountain: Scale the mountain, but watch out for the rising thunder in the clouds!
  • Frigid Volcano: You're here to kick ice and chew... snow? Well, just watch for blizzards!
  • Boondocks: Bite life as you explore this reservation of ancient times. Cook a meal while you're at it.
  • Flemyng Land: Bound over this flying pirate ship, but watch for those giant pistols; aka cannons!
  • Everglades: Nothing says "Florida" like a nice stroll through a ditch... watch out for poisonous water!
  • Spiked Wasteland: Take a walk through our topiary garden, make sand art, watch for enemies!
  • Magical Tent: Perform the best magic show ever in this expansive tent, but be warned of bombs!


  • Cathedral Ruin: Explore the once great cathedral of Theism, seated by the priests. Watch out for robots!
  • Wreckage Room: Go into the library, uncover the secrets of the robots, and try to stay alive!
  • Power Plant: Go through the decrepit factory and spy on the lord of bots as he comes up with evil plans!
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