Venture Team Pack
Venture Team Pack
Set Number 178765956
Minifigs *Dlab
  • Wyveslender
Number of Pieces 70-120
Price (USD) $24.99
VIP Points Earned 24
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Venture Team Pack is a Team Pack for the Venture franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


Venture Into the all new Venture Team Pack!

Get the all new Venture Team Pack for LEGO 1001 Spears Vega! Meet the Dlabs: the Dlabs are an accumulation of sapient species. The Dlabs differ from regimes like General Assembly and The Bureaucracy That Must Not Be Denominated as they are yet to be an imperium. Meet the Wyveslender: This lanky, red tied, more tenebrous than night creature is not one you optate to get into a staring contest with. Only optically discerned in the Wyve, its presence is recherche in the Over World. More infrequent still - people who have made ocular perceiver contact with it and then survived to tell the tale. Meet the Wyvern: Wyvern is a dragon who encircles and burrows through the Wyve. Wyvern resembles a Dragon God. Wyvern also resembles a giant ebony emerald Wyrm with a row of numerous immensely colossal gray ulcers growing from her body. Her scales have swirls, though her underside lacks scales, thus exposing her pink skin. Wyvern has a jagged achronite protruding from her face, and she has an astronomically immense bulbous chin that has numerous bruises on it. She additionally has magenta ocular balls with a demented look to them. And finally, meet the Workbecnh: the Workbench is the most essential object in Venture. Using a crafting table placed in the world will open the 3×3 crafting grid which sanctions you to craft more items than with the crafting grid in your inventory. If you disconnect, move more than eight meters away or close the crafting interface the items inside will drop in front of you.

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