Venture (Trigger Happy the Gremlin)


Venture is one of several video game franchises in LEGO Dimensions.


Venture is a video game about surviving in the Medieval Era as a man named Robert Jacob. In addition, the game features building elements, which made it even more idealistic for inclusion in a LEGO video game. Basically, a cross between Spore and Terraria, and with some elements of Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper.

Adventure World

  • Mountains
  • Woods
    • Farm
    • Robert's Wood Shelter
    • Castle
  • Wyve
    • Wyve City
    • Wyve Ship
  • Snow Woodlands
    • Winter House
    • Igloos
    • Icy Spikes
  • Desert
    • Desert Outpost
    • Alien Temple
    • Well
  • Hell
    • Hell Fort
    • Decayer's Abode
    • Hell Spire
  • Alone House
  • Rainforest
    • Amazon Clubhouse
    • Lost Temple
  • Dlab Tribe
    • Tribal Library
    • Tribal Farm
  • Quagmire
    • Hag Dwelling
  • The Sea
    • Sea Henge
  • Morel Island


  • This is the first appearance of the Wall Cut ability since it's debut LEGO Star Wars III.
  • One of the achievements references BIOMECHA.
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