Character Information
Name Vanessa
Gender Female
Franchise Morphers
Weapons/Accessories Heat Gloves
Occupation Disc Jockey
Residence Lava Desert
Oh, sorry dudes...
— Vanessa's first line when entering the game
Morphing is fixing.
— Vanessa's second line when entering the game
— Vanessa's third line when entering the game
Vanessa is a Morphers character in LEGO Dimensions.


Vanessa is dimwitted, but lovable. She always makes mistakes, and she is extremely clumsy, but her lovable personality always makes her forgiven. She is known to love jokes, and is loyal and friendly to all Morphers. She is pretty soft-spoken and her voice always silent, but she is still a reliable Morpher.


  • Laser (Heated Gloves)
    • Melt Ice
  • Super Strength
    • Super Strength Handles
    • Fistlock
  • Morph
  • Mini Access
  • Health Regeneration (Lava Xenon: Heals all characters with a soothing shower of lava)

Idle Animations

  • Vanessa takes a molten rock shower.
  • Vanessa eats a cone of akutaq.

Finishing Moves

  • Hyper Hotfoot: Vanessa overheats the ground until it burns the enemy to death.
  • Kablammo: Vanessa kills the enemy with an exploding clap (her face gets covered in calx from the explosion, which she wipes off).


  • She is portrayed by Emily Alyn Lind, who reprises her role in the game.
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