Character Information
Name Vaksa
Gender Male
Franchise BIOMECHA
Weapons/Accessories Scepter, Fire Staff
Occupation Pope
Residence Thank-Heart Cathedral
Turq Vaksa, not at your service.
— Vaksa's first line when entering the game
Get me back there!
— Vaksa's second line when entering the game
You did what?
— Vaksa's third line when entering the game
Vaksa is a BIOMECHA character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Giant
    • Super Strength
      • Super Strength Handles
      • Fistlock


I thought I would never get back!
— Vaksa's first line when leaving the game
Goodbye, imbeciles!
— Vaksa's second line when leaving the game
One must be sacrificed.
— Vaksa's third line when leaving the game
King Vaksa is NOT amused.
— Vaksa's line when idle
Everything has gone downhill since you arrived!
— Vaksa talking to Paisenuef
— Vaksa talking to Flappin
You aren't already dead?
— Vaksa talking to Know
Cowardice... keeps thou alive.
— Vaksa talking to any horror-based character (besides BIOMECHA) and Bombeim
— Vaksa talking to Hulk
Good, you owe me a cloak.
— Vaksa talking to Strongarm


  • He is voiced by Jeff Bridges, who reprises his role in the game.
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