Vaden is one of the non-playable characters in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch who guards and watches the LEGO Gateway on Vorton. His character token appears beside the hints during the gameplay.

Early Life

Vaden was born to Thatch and an unnamed female entity the same time as Grand Emperor Enoch on an unknown planet.

He was once a brilliant magician from Legotropolis where he learned and trained under The Sacred One. After the death of his mentor, he began to use his powers for good and justice.

He was best known for defeating Enoch in a wizard vs. wizard fight. In the end, he defeated Enoch at the cost of turning his face disfigured and placed him in the Interdimensional Criminal Asylum, thus becoming a famous wizard.

He spent the next 700 years of hiding his face from the public eye, fearing that he would be made fun of by his peers before residing in his secret cabin on Vorton near the Mystery Dimension gateway.

Current Background

700 years have passed, Vaden noticed that Enoch escaped from jail. James McBrick, the most famous archaeologist, was sent to investigate. Upon his arrival in Tyranus, he was captured and murdered by Enoch. Vaden, hearing the tragedy, went to Legotropolis to tell James' wife May about his fate and then he began to be ashamed, regretted sending James to Tyranus.

Grand Interdimensional War

25 years later, Vaden became really determined to defeat Enoch once and for all. During a meeting, Vaden turned to a young teenaged hero group headed by Andy Starheart to save their home and free the Multiverse once again.

Fate of the Multiverse

Vaden arrived to Tyranus, ready to fight Enoch the final time and saved Andy from one of his traps. After making the first move, Enoch blasted pure dark energy from the ultrapowered Foundation Gauntlet at Vaden to overpower him. Before Enoch goes for the final blow, Thor uses Stormbreaker to hit Enoch's red crystal, slightly cracking it. After Enoch retreats, this marks his streak to end for the first time in 725 years in the hands of an evil entity.

In the end, Vaden sent Andy and his friends back home so he can watch over the gateway again and find a way to restore his scarred face.

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