It's been a while, hasn't it?

I can assure that to those who knew who I was, I've kinda went off and made my own Sketchian Multiverse Wiki but have been keeping others posted.

However, I do plan to make a return here soon. With lots more development to my style, new material to pull from for new things, and a new style of wiki writing, I'll be back soon.

The pages that WILL recieve an update:
===AnthonyM and the World of Sketch- Franchise===
AnthonyM- Character
Guardian-Cycle- Vehicle

Strongarm- Character
Mobile Fist- Vehicle

Techo- Character
Techo's Shooter Ship- Vehicle

Blurri- Character
SS Mixium- Vehicle

Shadus and Twillo- Characters
Shadow Slicer- Vehicle

Waitress Penny- Character
===Choose Your Fighter!- Franchise===
Cybern- Character
Kebley- Gadget

Hekama- Character
Beacon of Hope- Gadget

Zarrus- Character
Emerald Dragon and Blacksmith Station- Vehicle/Gadget

Crystallon, Dreamkeeper, and Miss Techna- Characters
Energy Power Crystal- Vehicle

Zakonu and Hartschia- Characters
Zakonu's Time Machine- Vehicle

Lady Elementia and Elementians- Characters

However, I am dropping all non-Sketchian Multiverse customs for the time being.

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