Honestly... I need to reboot my track record on this wiki specifically.

The Sketchian Multiverse content is slowly but surely being reworked as we speak, but with my want to take my customs in a whole other direction, I've become dissatisfied with the stuff under my tag that is currently NOT part of the SM.

My solution? Hit the reset button.

All content that is currently part of the S.M. is getting a straight rework to be up to date with what I made on my dedicated wiki (which had recently fell witness to a troll attack, but that's another story) and any new content will get the same treatment. which is why my new gameplan is now rolling.

Enter LEGO Dimensions: Shattered Multiverse.

In this story, it's a dimension-hopping narrative where the multiverses of Sketchia and LEGO cross in a new style never before seen in the LEGO video games. The lineup consists of characters from Sketchian Multiverse IPs such as AnthonyM and the World of Sketch, Cybern Quest, and Heroes of Elementia... as well as LEGO originals like Ninjago, The LEGO Movie, and newly-revealed Monkie Kid!

(also I hope iNinjago doesn't mind me using his content as a placeholder)

As such with this reset button protocol, I'm actually making my CUSTOM TAG anew; all content previously under the (TrueArenaOneOneOne) tag will be retired and I will start numerifying the Ones in that name. I'm now (TrueArena111) like all of my other handles using the moniker. This only applies to the tag; I am still keeping the username unless Wikia allows a change. Hope to keep the train rolling with brand-new style.

~AnthonyM, the Gamer Artist

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