We have some level information:

  1. The first level is not actually the Venturian Towers scene; it is one where you fight this egg monster and a spider.
  2. The second level is at an incinerator and then on a flaming flotilla where you fight the Wyvern.
  3. The third level involves Void Monsters and you meeting a steed in some way, and then a Void Armadillo.
  4. The fourth level leverets in some way, maybe mining for granite and some bays and then a molten rock lair.
  5. The fifth level has a towering trunk. Nuff said. Maybe also some Espouses and meeting the other Jacobs.
  6. The sixth level can have some freezy flake chilly frosty spike and it pits you against an evil Steelem.
  7. The seventh level could be everything extremely enormous and then the Scarlet Rock Abode.
  8. The eighth level could be Robert's dream (might be to psychedelic for the game, though) and then a gauntlet.

Those are the rest of the levels in order, however an unspecified level may include one in a Water Torture Chamber with spiny fish behemoths. This was an idea I had for a Breathtaking Fear level, however, I thought it would be too deadly, and left it out. By the time of this, however, I had no ideas left and stuck with that. So expect treasure and difficulty.

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