1. Future Mining Escape

Future Mining Escape wins the award of Best Level!

2. Crashing, Smashing Vacation!

Crashing, Smashing Vacation! wins the award of Coolest Level Design.

3. Venturian Combat

Venturian Combat wins the award of Longest Level.

4. Anthonym/Quotes

Anythonym/Quotes by TrueArenaOneOneOne wins the award of Best Quotes.

5. Abe


Abe is a cool guy, I gotta say; I was not afraid to reveal his religion, unlike my other characters, and he also has good quotes; especially the one that scales the entire page. It's also cool that he uses a Uzi *ahem* AK-47. It totally doesn't just look like a Stud Shooter with a jumble of pieces attached. Did I mention his good quotes; especially the one that scales the entire page? Overall, Abe wins the award of Best Character.

6. The LEGO Blazer Movie


The LEGO Blazer Movie is a cool custom by TrailBlazer101, and I love how he gave a lot of people packs. Overall, I give The LEGO Blazer Movie award of Best Custom Franchise.

7. Flying to Greatness

I give Flying to Greatness the award of Most Important Level.

8. Shadus

LEGO Shadus.png

I like Shadus by TrueArenaOneOneOne; he is SPOOKY, he is a shadow guy but still kinda a good guy (from what I know it depends on what parallel for whether he is good or bad, in the main one I think he is split on good and bad). His abilities are good, his quotes are good, his design is good, his Toy Tag is good, 'nuff said. I give Shadus the award of Coolest Character.

9. LEGO Dimensions: Year 3

I give LEGO Dimensions: Year 3 by Vesp the award of Most Popular Custom.

10. Duke


Duke is COOL, guys; he has a ton of good abilities (Chi being the Energy Crystal in particular), his background section is LONG (it's basically the whole events of the Future Mining arc, at least involving him, and including the helmet so you can put that on the minifigure outside (and inside!) of gameplay is a good idea. Overall, I give Duke the award of Innovation.


Sorry that I forgot to include one of DetectiveSky's Customs this time, I think I awarded a lot of Sky's pages in the last few weeks, though.

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