Considering some more projects are coming on LMMCU, more Vega stuff is bound to pop up. Here are my newest things on LMMCU Wiki:

  • Jonah's Missions Movie: Nah, none for this. Crash is R for sex, Metachargers and Venture Halloween are R for violence, JM for language. Ehhhh... I mean, sure, sex is more inapproriate than swearing, but it is easier to censor.
  • Finn Army Otherworld: Probably. There are some Juniors sets coming for it on Brickipedia, so why not?
  • Adventurer Factory Escape: Confirmed for TWO Story Packs. No more AF movies, though, sadly.
  • Venture City Stories: Sadly, there is only one Fun Pack for this. The game is still gonna be big, though.
  • Metaninjas: Eh, I covered most (if not all) of the main characters already, plus there is already too much for this.
  • Nightmare Villages: This has a lot of swearing and sexuality, too, but it's still Confirmed for three packs.
  • Venture Breathtaking Fear: There might be a Fun Pack or two.
  • Morphers The Movie: This one already came out, but although the Morphers level is original, SDH is coming.
  • WWIII 3: There WILL be more packs for this... but, WHAT should they be?
  • BIOMECHA Reboot: Confirmed.
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