Top Pages was cool and all but it isn't fun anymore so now we have the exact opposite. All of these are franchise pages.

1. Wall-E

Wall-E was one of my favorite movies as a kid, AND CAN WE PLEASE GET AN IMAGE FOR IT'S PAGE ON HERE?

2. O.K. K.O.

OK KO! logo
Besides that confusing title, the page has no packs. I know Fun is working on them, but it would be good for him to list them, even if his quotes and stuff are not done yet.

3. Shrek (SMG4) (JLBrough)

First of all, WHEN WAS SHREK IN SMG4? Second of all, ADD AN IMAGE! Third of all, ADD MORE TO THE PAGE!

4. Galavant

I have no clue what this is, but can it have an image added? AND packs?

5. Minions

See the above, except I DO have a clue on what it is. I will complain about how much the movie is "Autism" later.

6. Showcase Themes (iNinjago)

I would like it if he could list the ones from Ninjago Movie.

7. Godzilla

The lack of bolding is the LEAST of this page's issues.

8. Tex

No bolding or text.

9. Family Matters

Packs would be a nice addition.

10. Saw

The movie is awesome, but NO PACKS? I CALL LUDICROTIVE!

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