My idea of what the LD website will look like when Vega comes out.

The Home Page

  • The top banner has new characters shown like Zooker, Bee Movie Master, Robert Jacob, and Abe.
  • The minifgure box has new Year 3 minifigures listed and shown.
  • The video box says "Welcome to the star of Vega!" with a link to the Year 3 trailer.
  • The activites box says "New planets to explore!" showing promotional artwork.
  • The products box says "Great missions!" showing Sensei Benjamin battling Douglas Artur in a level of the WWIII Story Pack with a link to the new products.
  • The coming soon box says "Characters already included!" showing Archaelogist from the 1001 Spears with a link to the new products.
  • The Windows and Macintosh logo is at the bottom of the page.


  • The Starter Pack tab lists the Windows and Macintosh Starter Packs.
  • The Story Pack tab lists the new Venture: Halloween Story Pack.
  • The Fun Pack tab lists the new Venture Fun Pack.
  • The Level Pack tab lists the new Jonah's Missions Level Pack.
  • The Team Pack tab lists the new Venture Team Pack.
  • One new tab has been listed, Location Packs.
  • Location Packs lists the new Venture Location Pack.

How To Play

  • One new pack tab is at the bottom. It is the Location Pack which is gray.
  • The Venture: Missions Story Pack replaces the Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack at the Story Pack tab.
  • The Crash Potatoes Level Pack replaces the Adventure Time Level Pack at the Level Pack tab.
  • The Morphers Team Pack replaces the Harry Potter Team Pack at the Team Pack tab.
  • The Venture: City Stories Fun Pack replaces the E.T. Fun Pack at the Fun Pack tab.
  • The Location Pack tab has the Glenward Cortez Location Pack and it's description is "Go into new locations and complete various tasks. This pack features one character with a Toy Pad build.."


  • A new Venture tab is added showing Robert Jacob, Pigeonholed Robert, Old Robert, and Zombie Labman.
  • A new Abomination Defense tab is added showing Peter Pan.
  • A new BIOMECHA tab is added showing Mahoganer and Squidley.
  • A new Morphers tab is added showing Zooker, Winston, Sid, Chuck, Zak, and Zoe.
  • A new Venture Cinematic Universe tab is added showing Armored Robert.
  • A new Jonah's Missions tab is added showing Abe.
  • A new WWIII tab is added showing C.


  • The showcase now has the Vega Trailer listed.


  • The concept art tab now lists the Morphers and Venture adventure world concept art.

Coming Soon

The coming soon list now lists the following packs for Wave 16:

  • WWIII 2 Story Pack
  • WWIII 2 Team Pack
  • Landon Spisowski Fun Pac
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