Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 21 June 2018

Kiaan's Citadel: The Challenge

The gangster Kiaan had been well known across Tunisia, as had his citadel, a lone fortress in a sandy, arid field. It was here that the drug dealer handled his association's operations, and also where he lived. Several luxuries were available to him there, including entertaining ballerinas and troupers, not to mention the femme fatales. Cash, strength, lovers - Kiaan's citadel had been known across the land to have all of these. What was not well known, however, was an ancient treasure he kept inside; the Sai Staff. The Sai Staff's function was not known, but that it was adorned with gold and gem alike; a beautiful combination, but also attracting to the curious, who ponder what it's power may be. The Sai Staff, however, is locked away in …

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Annual Battlez: 2018

Caution: This article contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. Please exit this page if you do not wish to be spoiled. What's poppin, it's Trigger here, and today I have a new feature to unveil. You know that it's Annual Battlez by the title unless you're click happy and just clicked without bothering to read the name. But you don't know exactly what it is, do you? That's what I'm about to show you!

  • 1
  • 2 Hickeys?
  • 3 Infinity Stones?
  • 4 But where are they?
  • 5 Rules
  • 6 Scooby Dooby Hickey's Army
    • 6.1 Fighters
    • 6.2 Notice
  • 7 iNinjago's Army
    • 7.1 Fighters
    • 7.2 Vehicles
  • 8 Story (Team Scooby Dooby Hickey)
  • 9 Story (DetectiveSky612)
  • 10 Story (iNinjago)
  • 11 Update

The Diamond Fist of Aeon, an artifact of insurmountable power. The Diamond Fist was wielded by Aeon, who ruled the Hasta…

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Notice: More franchises may be added if my mood gets worse.

First of all, I'm doing this for the same reason as my previous sins for my own custom franchises; I'm angry. Well, not quite angry, but things aren't really going my way with all the testing and scraping my arm on the wall and stuff. As such, BIOMECHA is the next thing to be sinned. I'm aware it's not my most liked franchise, so the exposure of it's sins shouldn't concern too many of you. And no, none of these apply to my collaboration BIOMECHA reboot show, as that is trying to improve off of these shortcomings. Also, this is all done in good fun and shouldn't be taken seriously.

  1. I had a perfectly good opportunity to use my existing BIOMECHA: The Helmet of Power poster, but no, ins…
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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 29 December 2017

This Week's Pages That Need to Be Lengthened

Title says the basic ideas, a lot of these pages may need to be expanded.

  • 1 1. Godzilla
  • 2 2. Frozen
  • 3 3. 300
  • 4 4. Rambo
  • 5 5. Rango
  • 6 6. xXx
  • 7 7. Seinfeld
  • 8 8. Eyewitness
  • 9 9. MacGyver
  • 10 10. Memes
  • 11 Conclusion

Godzilla is awesome, his franchise page needs an image, though.

Do you add some packs or more information to this page?

THIS IS SPARTA! Unfortunately, the amount of characters in the page for this legionnaire epic is only half the number it is named after. Perhaps add more?


Johnny Depp would appreciate some packs for this franchise.


The best sitcom of the 90's would appreciate some packs for it.

Eyewitnesses say we should at the very least bold the name o…

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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 30 November 2017

Least Top Pages

Top Pages was cool and all but it isn't fun anymore so now we have the exact opposite. All of these are franchise pages.

  • 1 1. Wall-E
  • 2 2. O.K. K.O.
  • 3 3. Shrek (SMG4) (JLBrough)
  • 4 4. Galavant
  • 5 5. Minions
  • 6 6. Showcase Themes (iNinjago)
  • 7 7. Godzilla
  • 8 8. Tex
  • 9 9. Family Matters
  • 10 10. Saw

Wall-E was one of my favorite movies as a kid, AND CAN WE PLEASE GET AN IMAGE FOR IT'S PAGE ON HERE?

Besides that confusing title, the page has no packs. I know Fun is working on them, but it would be good for him to list them, even if his quotes and stuff are not done yet.

First of all, WHEN WAS SHREK IN SMG4? Second of all, ADD AN IMAGE! Third of all, ADD MORE TO THE PAGE!

I have no clue what this is, but can it have an image added? AND packs?

See the above, except I DO have a …

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