Hello everyone! RealGameTime again! Get ready for some big changes! Some of your favorite pop culture characters are entering the LEGO Multiverse as well as a new feature! Let's dive in, boys.


  • New franchises and characters!
    • Mega Man from Mega Man
    • Deku and All Might from My Hero Academia
    • Shrek and Puss in Boots from Shrek
  • Character Upgrade Paths
  • Costume Threads
  • Friendships
  • Race Tracks

Mega Man

"Mega Man joins the LEGO Multiverse!"

Mega Man arrives in a Level Pack with Rush and Item-1.


  • Acrobat
  • Hacking
  • Technology
  • Teleportation
  • Target (Mega Buster)
  • Weapon Switch
    • Super Strength (Super Arm)
    • Super Strength Handles (Super Arm)
    • Electricity (Thunder Beam)
    • Boomerang (Rolling Cutter)
    • Silver LEGO Blowup (Crash Bomber)
    • Laser (Gemini Laser)
    • Melt Ice (Gemini Laser)
    • Water Spray (Water Wave)
    • Sonar Smash (Noise Crush)
    • Ice Blast (Ice Slasher)
    • Hazard Cleaner (Dust Crusher)
    • Laser Deflector (Leaf Shield)
    • Spinjitzu (Top Spin)
    • Dig (Drill Bomb)
    • Sword Switch (Flame Sword)
    • Vince Cut (Flame Sword)


"I'm not gonna be your worthless punching bag Deku forever... Kacchan. I'm... I'm the Deku who always does his best!"

Deku arrives in a Team Pack with All Might, Allmobile, and Villain Bot.


  • Acrobat
  • Super Jump
  • Super Strength
  • Target
  • Wall Climb

All Might

"It's fine now. Why? Because I am here!"

All Might arrives in a Team Pack with Deku, Allmobile, and Villain Bot.


  • Acrobat
  • Hazard Protection
  • Deflection
  • Super Jump
  • Super Strength
  • Teleportation
  • Tracking
  • Wall Climb


"What are you doing in my swamp?!"

Shrek arrives in a Team Pack with Puss in Boots, Dragon, and Onion Chariot.


  • Deflection
  • Dig
  • Dive
  • Hazard Protection
  • Illumination
  • Sonar Smash
  • Super Strength
  • Super Strength Handles
  • Sword Switches
  • Target
  • Vine Cut
  • Wind (NEW ABILITY!)

Puss in Boots

"Now ye ogre! Pray for mercy from... PUSS... in boots."

Puss in Boots arrives in a Team Pack with Shrek, Dragon, and Onion Chariot.


  • Acrobat
  • Boomerang
  • Deflection
  • Grind Rails
  • Mini Access
  • Pole Vault
  • Summon (Donkey) (NEW ABILITY!)
    • Sonar Smash
  • Sword Switches
  • Vine Cut

Character Upgrade Path

Characters can be upgraded with their own upgrade paths. They can either unlock new abilities or one of the following using Vortech Tokens:

  • Increased Attack Multipliers
  • Increased ground pound shockwave
  • Faster dash
  • Restore health faster
  • Increased Studs when defeating enemies
  • Stun enemies longer
  • Stud magnets
  • Greater damage when attacking enemies
  • Increased chance of instantly defeating enemies

Costume Threads

Introducing Costume Threads... The LEGO Dimensions: Crossover feature is back!

New Costumes:

  • Apocalypsburg Wyldstyle
  • Dark Knight Batman
  • Gandalf the White


New feature! Certain characters can team up and obtain stud, powers, and other bonuses!

New Friendships:

  • Coming Soon!

Race Tracks

A brand new mode in LEGO Dimensions! Race in your favorite vehicle and compete up to 4 players in various tracks!

New Tracks:

  • Brooklyn
  • Citadel of Ricks
  • London Streets
  • Sketch City
  • Tracy Island
  • Willy Castle
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