Alabaster smiled devilishly as his took his seat atop the Tower of the Moon's throne. The greatest treasure mound in the world was his, all his, and nobody could stop him! He would have to safeguard the loot against other adventurers, though, which would be a bit of a hassle considering the Mandala...


Your job is to assemble a team of adventurers (up to 6 characters) to try and traverse the Tower of the Moon, Alabaster Dresden's dungeon. Each season will have different traps and strategies for adventurers to navigate, and since this is the first one, anything can happen! Once you're ready to begin your run, let me know. Once I've drafted the dungeon layout and map for this season, I will get back to you, first-come-first-served, to give you a play-by-post of your dungeon run. If you manage to reach the end, then conglaturation! You're winner! If not, then assemble another team and try to find the brig (Two different teams run by the same person can combine their strength). Be careful though, as because there's only one dungeon map per season, other may be able to catch up to you using your previous play-by-posts!

There are twelve Minikits scattered through the Tower of the Moon. Can you find them all?


  • Your team must comprise solely of your own customs, with up to 6 slots available for a character or vehicle.
  • Please keep in mind that this is only a game. There's no prize, just fun to be had!
  • Comment below to tell me your team!
  • Like Trigger's Annual Battlez, feel free to make alternate versions of characters for this!
  • While customs can have healing or regenerative abilities, invincibility and resurrection/revival are not allowed.
  • For the sake of simplicity, please write up character summaries for your team involving in-game abilities and any special things like a high jump instead of a double jump, or a speed boost.
  • Recommended Abilities: Padlocks/Lockpicking, Magic


Dark Eerie Fantasy Music The Palace of Time

Dark Eerie Fantasy Music The Palace of Time

The ambient music for the Tower of the Moon

Dark Awesome Fantasy Music The Palace of Flames

Dark Awesome Fantasy Music The Palace of Flames

The ambient music for the second floor.

Fantasy Battle Music Battle Against a Great Evil

Fantasy Battle Music Battle Against a Great Evil

Alabaster's bossfight music!



"The Tower of the Moon is ready for its challengers," Alabaster said. "Lower the drawbridge. Open the gates. Let the games... begin!"

That's right, folks, Eclipse is ready to roll! Tomorrow, I'll start the first play-by-post with the first assembled team and respondent: Trigger!

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