i'm having trouble with the NPC's for the Family Guy Quotes, iv'e been searching up some quotes for the characters and i can't find one single one that seems alright and when there is one i found there's a curse word in their and i can't put a quote with swear words. the most i'm having trouble with is Cleveland Brown and Glenn Quagmire,i am trying to find a more fitting quote for them to keep the Rating for the game and not just including a quote that has a word that's bad.

So Far i got


"Giggity Gig-a-ty!"

"You must be this beautiful to ride the Quagmire"

Cleveland Brown

"Oh, that takes me back"

To anyone who might have watch Family Guy, Please Help me find a quote that i can use for these two characters, oh and it has to be from Seasons 1-9.

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