• Darkmen759

    Making a VanossGaming Pack

    September 2, 2017 by Darkmen759

    So iv'e been thinking of what youtuber idea i have and i thought of one with VanossGaming

    Though i kinda brought up how it would work as an actual world then on the youtuber page

    Level Pack Based off The Magic Tomato

    Adventure World

    His Friends as Playable Characters too

    So here's a question, should i put my idea on the youtuber page or what?

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  • Darkmen759

    i'm having trouble with the NPC's for the Family Guy Quotes, iv'e been searching up some quotes for the characters and i can't find one single one that seems alright and when there is one i found there's a curse word in their and i can't put a quote with swear words. the most i'm having trouble with is Cleveland Brown and Glenn Quagmire,i am trying to find a more fitting quote for them to keep the Rating for the game and not just including a quote that has a word that's bad.

    So Far i got


    "Giggity Gig-a-ty!"

    "You must be this beautiful to ride the Quagmire"

    Cleveland Brown

    "Oh, that takes me back"

    To anyone who might have watch Family Guy, Please Help me find a quote that i can use for these two characters, oh and it has to be from Season…

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  • Darkmen759

    Mostly just the cartoon and gaming ones because i love both of those genres and i notice that none of the pages for franchises like Looney Tunes,Family Guy,Futurama,etc. haven't been given ideas from people yet, are the pages there for people to add there ideas because i want to make ideas for them and no i don't want to take those franchises up for myself, i'm just asking.

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