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  • I live in None of your bizniss.
  • I was born on November 29
  • My occupation is Guardian of Sketchia-23
  • I am Male

Heyyo, everyone. Name's Anthony, but I tend to go by the name of "TrueArena111" around here. I'm a gamer, and artist, and an AFOL. All of the pages I make have art made by my own hands.

I will lend my services to format an article when I see an unformatted article. But do feel free to hit me up whenever you need help making an article. I will try to help as best as I can.

Here's the main page for the Sketchian Multiverse, a video-game series of mine still in design phase. It revolves around three things; dimensional travel, RPG elements, and beat-'em-up gameplay.

I also have the comic strip, Choose Your Fighter!, which centers around the antics of a multiversal fight-club featuring the fellows AnthonyM has butted heads with, including Cybern, Crystallon, and Zakonu.

You can also check out the Sketchian Multiverse Wiki, where all AnthonyM-related content will go.

Custom Characters

Sketchian Multiverse

Character Vehicle / Gadget? Class Element(s) Image
AnthonyM Guardian-Cycle Balanced Light/Dark Mirror01
Strongarm Mobile Fist Defense Earth/Fire Mirror02
Techo Techo's Shooter Ship Support Lightning Mirror03
Blurri S.S. Mixium Speed Wind Mirror04
Waitress Penny N/A Speed N/A Mirror05
Shadus Shadow Slicer Offense Dark Mirror06
Twillo Balanced Dark Mirror07
Cybern Kebley's Shell Balanced Fire Mirror08
Hekama Beacon of Hope Support Water/Magic Mirror09
Zarrus Emerald Dragon Offense N/A Mirror10
Crystallon Crystal Shrine Speed Earth/Light Mirror11
Dreamkeeper Offense Ghost Mirror12
Miss Techna Support N/A Mirror13
Zakonu Temporal Shifter Balanced N/A Mirror14
Hartschia Balanced N/A Mirror15
Lady Elementia N/A Balanced Light Mirror16
Pyre Offense Fire Mirror17
Aqua Support Water Mirror18
Nuage Speed Wind Mirror19
Terra Defense Earth Mirror20
Elettrico Speed Lightning Mirror21
Na'tur Support Nature Mirror22
Glacies Speed Ice Mirror23
Poi'xa Offense Poison Mirror24
Novae Balanced Magic Mirror25

Other Websites

These are other places you can find me. I'm almost everywhere, so this is not the extent of my Internet widespread of other places.

  • Deviantart: TrueArena111

This is where all my normal art goes. You can follow the development period of AnthonyM and friends here. Expect a few requests and art trades too.

  • Youtube: AnthonyM the Gamer Artist!

I periodically post videos on my channel, but give me a holler if you manage to find me. I may be closer than you think...

  • Facebook: /TrueArena111

This is primarily filled with personal stuff, but it's there. I do participate in a few groups, at least.

  • Instagram: artmakeranthony

This is a mix of personal things and LEGOs... and traditional drawings too.

  • Twitter: @TrueArena111

A medium for replies, and sometimes, I'll throw in something completely original.

  • Discord: AnthonyM#8287

My primary chat medium. Hit me up if you want. This is where I am at my most active.

  • Picarto.TV: AnthonyMDraws

I love attending streams in my free time. Although it seems that most of the ones I attend are NSFW...

  • Twitch: AnthonyMOfSketchia

I don't have the tech to stream, but I love me some Jackbox or Duck Game. Especially Quiplash.

NSFW Websites

Be warned; I may post or reblog content not meant to be seen by anyone under 18 years old. Please don't try and find me unless you're 18 or older. (If you don't already know, that acronym stands for NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

  • Furaffinity: AnthonyM-Annihil8r

My primary NSFW site of choice. While I'm not a furry in the slightest, this is home to some of my anatomical practice and, of course, images meant only for 18+ or 13+.

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