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Introducing, Trigger! I am loving this wiki!

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Favorite Pages

You May Find Me At

Site Name Username Safe for Work? (Description if not) Why I Use It?
Deviantart Explodeditory Trigger No (a lot of my things I do contain profanity and worse). To upload LDD images and my illustrations. Fun Fact: I actually share this account with some of my relatives, but I mainly use it.
TV Tropes ZombieDude From what I remember, yes. Just to edit some stuff, but I never really use this.
Brickset Trigger_ Yes I make Venture and Morphers Bricklists.

To Do List

Task Expiration Consequence to Expiration Why Complete?
Finish BIOMECHA Levels May 2017 Well, safe to say no BIOMECHA Story Pack if it expires. I promised 6 BIOMECHA levels, 2 for every film of the trilogy. I created the first one in November and never touched BIOMECHA at all since.
Add Jonah's Missions Level August 2017 Jonah's Missions gets TWO fun packs or a team pack. So nothing terrible. Jonah's Missions was the second franchise I added here, but it has since been heavily overshadowed by Morphers, BIOMECHA, and WWIII, all of which I added later.
Finish Venture Bounty Levels September 2, 2017 I do not wanna feel rushed so currently none. Venture: Bounty comes out on the 2nd, and since Story Packs normally come out the same day the movie does, finishing it then or (more likely) before would be ideal.
Add Crash Potatoes Level August 2017 Crash Potatoes won't be a franchise in LEGO Dimensions anymore. I honestly do not remember what made me think I should add Crash Potatoes before Upland and Abomination Defense. I just gotta finish the Level Pack because I dunno.
Finish the Vepturegeng Story Pack October 25, 2018 Delayed to November. If November deadline isn't reached, levels become noncanon. The Vepturegeng Story Pack has been under the creation process for eight months by now. In addition, like the Vepturegeng show, it is supposed to release to coincide with Venture: Breathtaking Fear, in addition to BF's Story Pack.

Notice: for the BIOMECHA Story Pack, the goal has already expired. However, levels are still being made, I am just gonna split the first level into three different ones, so the story pack is only for the original BIOMECHA film (aka the good one). But really, if I can't finish it by June, I'll do other stuff with the levels.

Update: BIOMECHA levels are cancelled.

Notice: Vepturegeng Story Pack has been cancelled without reaching deadline.

Hall of Heroes

Name Image Description Honor
Robert Xavier Jacob, Senior
LEGO Robert
A man of unknown origin, Robert Jacob found himself stranded on an isle on planet Venture. There he needed to build and break his way through, doing such fabulous feats as reducing trees to jelly with his bald fists, hauling up to 64 yards of gold without going slower than a foot a second, and killing a variety of deadly beings. Creator's Favorite
Born into a poor family of alien rat people, life was never easy for this man. He may have failed in his attempts to become a rabbi, but he has become founder of a bakery chain. If only anybody visited the void, although that never seems to bother him, as his systems create potato knishes, little black squash balls, and millipedes. Most Popular
Paise was the last BIOMECHA that the Inventor built before his final remnant of spirit was put in Paise. Paise was created after the last spark of humanity was put out, but was able to team with the other BIOMECHA and stop Likuta from sucking all of them away, too. Paise since lives with the three remaining BIOMECHA: Dig, Kanohi, and Hafu. Protector of the Future
Emoji Bot
Emojibot was a robot Alec Ulmulk made from leftover tin at the shipyard during the robotic attack (the attack being much like the film 9). Emojibot was a tin lithograph toy, made to resemble Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet, except with a coiled spring used for the head, later painted with brown lithography as an inappropriate joke. Emojibot has since been programmed to speak in a set of symbols, resembling the Emoji used on Apple phones; as such, they it was named "Emojibot". Emojibot has since provided humor for the Metachargers, but nothing else. Most Originality
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