LEGO Dimensions Customs Community


Oio, boios! DetectiveSky612 here, back at it again on the LEGO Dimensions Customs Wiki! Whether it's a flying Spyro or a flying pirate, my customs collection, LEGO Voidhoppers, has it all!

My favorite pages

My favourite pages done by me, ranked top-to-bottom

  • Alabaster Dresden as a whole is the highest-content page I have.
  • LEGO Voidhoppers for having that *perfect* balance most concept-game pages on the wiki can't really find between length, fanbase, and actual content.
  • Torrent stands as living proof of my proficiency in Deus Ex Machina, where I somehow scraped a decent character out of a bit of a crappy Gary Stu character.

My Collection

(Or: Which characters on the wiki I have figures for IRL)

How to Approximate Some of my Characters

First, build the figure. Most of my characters were made with existing LEGO parts, so this is possible with most of the characters in LEGO Voidhoppers.