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Character Information
Name Underminer
Gender Male
Franchise Abomination Defense
Weapons/Accessories Pick
Occupation Miner
Residence Necropolis
He he, ye haw!
— Underminer's first line when entering the game
He ya!
— Underminer's second line when entering the game
Move them out!
— Underminer's third line when entering the game

Underminer is an Abomination Defense character in LEGO Dimensions.


Ah, good night, Irene!
— Underminer's first line when leaving the game
Come on, fellas!
— Underminer's second line when leaving the game
— Underminer's third line when leaving the game
Ya are not too quick for me and my dialysis machines now, are ya? He. Are ya?
— Underminer killing Bulletshooter
That's what it feels like when buzzard eagles cry, military kid.
— Underminer killing Double Bullet
You all are flame retardant, but ya sure are not bulletproof'."
— Underminer destroying a Poor Man Grenade
Never mind the bullets. How much all these caskets costing ya?
— Underminer killing Mutated Celeb
You can always tell an alien Texan, but you cannot tell them.
— Underminer killing Underminer
Keep coming at me doctor; eventually you all gonna rustle up any sort sense.
— Underminer killing Medic
If you all had more devices for murder, you would not need any for hiding.
— Underminer killing Agent Devour
Fire, Fire! Ow oh oh ogre fire!
— Underminer on Fire
*Wilhelm Scream*
— Underminer upon Death
Oh, ya brown bottomed intestine lacking coward!
— Underminer getting hit by a Bottled Hankey
You are alright Doc.
— Underminer getting healed
We are down, lads. Let us kill these hat lacking sons of dogs!
— Underminer respawning


Underminer first appears during the Deuterium Leak at the Country Club. Underminer digs to bypass your turrets. As such, this mutant tunnels underground and appears on the left side of the area. According to Urban Bible, Underminer spends three days a week getting his excavation permits in order.


  • Dig
  • Drill
  • Abomination Access


  • He is voiced by Jake Wood, who reprises his role in the game.
    • Coincidentally, Wood was born on the same month and year as Sniper's portrayal, Maya Rudolph.
      • Even further coincidence, they are both included in the same Team Pack.