Twin Patriot
Twin Patriot
Twin Patriot
Character Information
Name Twin Patriot
Gender Male
Franchise WWIII
Weapons/Accessories Glock-18
Occupation Resistance Soldier
Residence Cloning Facility
Twin Patriots are WWV characters in LEGO Dimensions.


Twin Patriots were grown and trained at the Cloning Facility, cloned from Headhunter Robert Uccine for the Resistance. The veterans were first called into service during the Fight of Twenty-Mule Team Gorge, when Bill Gunther, Daniel and Lisle were captured. Monk Task Force led by Cruxapniar was initially sent in to rescue the three captives, however the large number of Undead Fighters wore down the small soldiers. Twin Patriots sailed in on battleships with Monk Sensei Cokuynas, evacuating the surviving Monks. The Grand Troop of the Resistance, led by Psychokinetic Sergeants then managed to overcome the Confederacy zombified forces at Death Valley, and the first fight of WWV was won by the patriot and monk forces.

Twin Patriots continued to serve as the main troopers throughout WWV, participating in every fight throughout the universewide war. While all the infantry were standard soldiers, others took on specialist roles, such as aeronauts, gunners, and explosive disposers, however all had proficiency with handheld guns. Twin Patriot chestplates evolved over the course of the threeyear war, first starting with the Phase I breastplate, and transitioning into Phase II, which was comfortable for the Zouaves to wear and actually offered protection.


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