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The Twelfth Doctor is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch. He is the twelfth incarnation of The Doctor that is playable upon purchasing the Time Lord Fun Pack for the Doctor Who franchise.


The Twelfth Doctor emerged from his predecessor's explosive regeneration on Trenzalore, being the product of "regeneration number thirteen." He was the first incarnation of the Doctor's second regeneration cycle, which had been bestowed upon him by the Time Lords. Clara Oswald, continuing her travels with him after he regenerated, served as his primary companion, and at times acted as his moral compass. Assured of the survival of Gallifrey, he was no longer chained down by his guilt. A darker character with a withdrawn and spiky attitude, he was less amiable and habitually questioned his own goodness. Although this incarnation was no stranger to kindness and humor, he often dispensed with niceties in a tense situation, becoming cold and calculative in critical moments that required sound judgment and the occasional application of sharp practice. However, because of his detachment from emotions, he could come off as unpleasant, fearsome, and ruthless. These qualities often terrified those who were around him, even his companions. He became harder to trust, and acknowledged his shift toward negative personality traits, feeling incensed and fearful at what he was changing into. He first appeared with his other incarnations in the show's 50th Anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor" where he helped save his home planet during the special's climax.

Dimensions Crisis

A Dalektable Adventure

Chronologically, the Doctor first appeared at the end of this level. In the TARDIS, he received a phone call from an unknown source. Thinking it's from the Daleks, the Doctor teleported to the place, which was the Daleks' base. He discovered that all the Daleks, including the Dalek Emperor, were defeated, and were shrunk. He also met there Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle. When the heroes seem to know him, he realized that they already met his future self. He invited them to the TARDIS, where they told him that they were rescued by him after they got stuck in a rift loop. The Doctor then took them back to Vorton and used his sonic screwdriver to fix the LEGO Gateway so they wouldn't get stuck in a rift loop again. He then went to rescue their past selves from the rift loop, but not before Batman gave him his grapple gun.

The first actual appearance of the Doctor in the game was at the beginning of the level. He came to the rift loop to rescue the past versions of Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle before they met him by using Batman's grapple gun, bringing the trio to safety in his TARDIS claiming that they have a lot of monsters (Daleks, the Dalek Emperor, the CyberKing and the Cybermen) to fight against. Batman immediately interrogated him on what was going on, but then he proceeds to explain the concept of time travel. Still not convinced, Batman thought he was lying, only for the Doctor to hand him the same grapple gun he used earlier to save them, still baffling Batman. Shortly after the TARDIS materialized on 'Dave', he dropped the group off and gave Wyldstyle his phone number for when they need his help before quickly leaving, stating as much as he wants to help them, that can only threaten the stability of his universe.

The Final Dimension

After the defeat of the Tri, the trio quickly get more help, saving and enlisting the Doctor, who was trapped by the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Zygons and the Weeping Angels. He then joins forces with the trio to stop Lord Vortech, who has reached maximum power by this point. At first, he helped to fix X-PO and then went on building a device that can seal the space tyrant up with X-PO and GLaDOS, which was later used in the last battle against Vortech. During the battle he distracts Vortech in the TARDIS on Foundation Prime, meanwhile the trio destroys the baseplate. After the destruction of the palace, he once again saves the trio and gives them the devices to trap Vortech. After the battle, Wyldstyle asked if he managed to escape, and then appeared behind her claiming that he waited for ages.

Grand Interdimensional War

Weep What You Sow

The Doctor encounters Andy and his friends inside the TARDIS and later helps them defeat the Weeping Angels. He later joins the heroes in their quest to defeat Grand Emperor Enoch.

Fate of the Multiverse

The Doctor, along with other heroes, were summoned to Tyranus for the final battle against Grand Emperor Enoch and his armies composed entirely of villains, dictators, and monsters.


  1. Doctor Regenerate
  2. Hacking
  3. Intelligence
  4. Photo Mode
  5. Repair
  6. Sonar Smash
  7. TARDIS Access
  8. Technology



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