Turbo Kart
Owner WC Sunamaru
Abilities Accelerator Switches
Set Wikiverse Warriors Team Pack

The Turbo Kart is a Wikiverse Warriors vehcile in LEGO Dimensions. It belongs to WC Sunamaru and comes in the Wikiverse Warriors Team Pack.

Alternate Skins

  • Red with white stripes on the sides and the Webcomic World logo on the front, resembling a stereotypical roller coaster vehicle.
  • Based on Dark Sunamaru.
  • Based on the Gametime Movie version of WC Sunamaru. Hazard Stripes on the spoiler and the words "Player 1" on the front.


  • Accelerator Switches


  • It is based on the go-kart WC Sunamaru uses in Wikiverse Warriors in the special attack of the same name.
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