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Tulio Triviño
Gender: Male
Franchise: 31 Minutos




Mario Hugo



Uncle Bold

Uncle Horacio



"Welcome friends to a new edition of 31 Minutos, the most serious and informative program on international television".

- Tulio´s First Line When entering the game.

"So this is the street".

- Tulio´s Second Line when entering the game.

"Im Tulio Triviño"

-- Tulio´s Third Line when entering the game.

"Ladies and gentlemen with you Tuuuulio Triviño !!!!"

- Juanin's Line for When Tulio enters the game.

Tulio Triviño is one of the main characters of 31 Minutes, he appears in the Lego Dimensions Powers Collision 2 game, he is included in the 31 Minutes Team Pack along with Bodoque.


Tulio was born in the town of Titirilquén, in Chile. He is exaggeratedly tall and comes from a family with great participation in the history of Titirilquén, his hometown, about which he does not like to talk much. His birth coincided with a strong earthquake in the region, so saying "a Tulio is going to be born" every time there is an earthquake is a common phrase in the local language.

At his young age, Triviño once visited Uncle Horacio's show, to his bad luck he had badly combed hair so Uncle Horacio took advantage of that to slap poor and humiliated Tulio in the face, who since that day I resent the host of the show.

A couple of years more, he joined the herd of scouts "Apumanque" where he met who would be his friend and schoolmate, the rabbit Juan Carlos Bodoque, together they would find the little and abandoned Juanín when they got lost on an excursion, due to that Tulio had brought a photo of himself instead of the map.

Tulio says that his main inspiration for studying journalism came from a kiosk on the corner (in Titirilquén), the official branch of the newspaper '' El Alarmista '' and the city's only means of communication abroad, it is also particularly frequented by tourists ( because the tourist office is always closed). As an adult, his first professional interview was with Nicasio Fallido, a boy who imitated the sounds of cars and wrote poetry about them. According to Tulio, that was where he learned everything he knows about journalism.

He soon achieved an important post as a reporter in a Venezuelan channel specialized for beetles ("it was a boring but exciting job," he pointed out) but returned to Chile after Bodoque wrote to him about the program. To the misfortune of his friend, Tulio remains the driver.

During his first years on the news, Tulio, out of a stupid instinct, pressed the button on an atomic bomb that the professor and guardian of world peace Helga Szwazzsenberg clearly warned him not to do. It was considered the worst interview in history that would stain his record for a long time, he even prefers not to remember it.

Tulio, as the main face of newscast 31 Minutos, is successful and a public face, as he is also a millionaire and lives in a luxurious and large house called Mansión Triviño, which can be seen in 31 Minutos, the movie. He owns the Tulio Triviño foundation, which welcomes disgraced or untalented animators.

In Episode 23: Relox, Tulio received a Relox watch (8000 gold, super gold plated, inlaid with diamonds and plastigoma gears) from the Salsacian government for his preference for the nation, although Tulio mistakes it for the rival country Conservia. In the same episode, the reason why they make fun of him in his hometown is discovered, as Patana mentions that it is because he had a classic purse (like the one used by mothers and grandmothers) which he considered his '' gift '' (which I was very fond of him).

A week and a few days before the premiere of the Fourth Season, Tulio suffered a strong polynervious picture, which led him to be in his rest house at the "Poets and Television Faces Spa", this event in life The television host was known as "The Tulio Crisis." After 12 days of rest, Tulio leaves the spa without notice with his closest friends, ready to continue the new season the next day.

Special Habilities:

  • Read Music Scores
  • Sonar Smash
  • Rope Swing
  • Rope Switch
  • Music
  • Laser Deflector
  • Drone (Sock With Diamonds Man)
  • Super Transformation ( Tulio Man Transformation)
  • Mind Control
  • Immune to mind control
  • Weaken minds Of Enemies


Tulio is one of the few characters who cannot be mentally controlled.

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