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Trigon is one of the playable in-game characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the DC Comics franchise.


Trigon the Terrible is a powerful demon who has shared with Darkseid the title of the Most Powerful villain in the DC Universe, having enslaved and destroyed countless worlds. When he was summoned by a woman named Arella as part of a ritual, he posed as a handsome young man with whom she fell in love with and they eventually married. However, Arella swiftly flees upon discovering his true nature and escapes to the dimension known as Azarath where she gives birth to and raises their daughter Raven. Upon becoming aware of his daughter's growing power, Trigon attempted to use Raven as a means of conquering the mortal realm. Raven managed to flee to Earth where she formed the Teen Titans, whom together managed to defeat Trigon and banish him from Earth.