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Torrent's tag is blue and black, with a sword in the front.
Torrent's tag is blue and black, with a sword in the front.
[[File:Torrent Char Tag.png|thumb|220x220px]]
[[File:Torrent Char Tag.png|thumb|220x220px]]
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*sigh* Another day, another world... Why can't anything stay the same?
— Torrent's first line when entering the game
Torrent with his sword drawn
Character Information
Name Torrent
Gender Male
Franchise None
Weapons/Accessories Naga Mk. II, Laser Screwdriver
Vehicles and/or Gadgets None
Occupation None
Residence The Starclimber

Torrent is a unique standalone character in LEGO: Dimensions: Hopping the Void, appearing in its Starter Pack.


Torrent started wandering through worlds when he got sucked up and then lost inside a rift. He landed in Hyrule, where he teamed up with Link and saved the world from Ganondorf, finding an anomalous spacecraft in the process and claiming it for himself. He continued to wander, making his way into Remnant and Beacon Academy. He enrolled in the latter, making himself a sword for later use. Marinza, his pet dragon, eventually found him, teaming up with him when Cinder Fall infiltrated and destroyed Beacon Academy. The two left Remnant, with Marinza leaving Torrent behind, when Torrent ran into the Doctor, saving the world and returning to wandering, running into a half-dragon named Jack Grayson. Jack joined Torrent in trying to find a way home, and so the two visited Pyrrhia, Vardia, Termina, an alternate Earth, the Doctor's Earth, and finally Foundation Prime, before finally finding Jack's dimension, where Torrent left Jack, staying in transit in a rift until a high-energy burst knocked the Starclimber out of a rift and into the Mandala, where Torrent, injured and weary, continued until he reached the Great Pyramid of Time, his gun-sword damaged beyond repair to full functionality and his laser screwdriver depowered and useless.

Mandala Affair



  • Charge Transfer
  • Acrobatics
  • Gold LEGO (While Charged)
    • Ice Melting
    • Gold Cut
  • Tech Panels (While Charged)
  • Precision Targets (In Levels Only)
  • Big Transform - Turns into Torrent the Seawing, overrides abilities (Unlocked after Level 2, mapped to B if Revolver is full and X if Revolver is empty)
    • Flight
    • Dive
    • Illumination
    • Sonar Smash (Must charge)
    • Super Strength Lifting


Whoa... Just don't step on anyone, 'kay?
— Torrent reacting to a mech/bigfig
Great, another me... and he copies whatever I say... Raise your hand if you believe the fact that this is not the weirdest thing to happen to me.
— Two Torrents, simultaneously, reacting to each other.
Ooh, a thingamabob! What's it do? Anything special, I wonder?
— Torrent when obtaining a collectible
Please, excuse my seeming affrontedness and complaininess. It's just the fact that I'm homesick and have seen more or less everything there is.
— Torrent's first line when idle
Finally, some rest...
— Torrent's second line when idle
Hang on. I got this.
— Torrent's first line when able to complete a puzzle
[Other character], you know what to do here? Or you, player beyond that invisible fourth wall? 'Cuz I'm all out of ideas.
— Torrent's first line when unable to complete a puzzle
*sigh* Is there another way around this?
— Torrent's second line when unable to complete a puzzle
D- Did that work? What did that just do?
— Torrent after solving a puzzle
See, here's the thing: I never took any fighting courses. I'm just mimicking, say, Inigo Montoya.
— Torrent when entering combat
Wait, I'm back! Or at least, not dead anymore! How did that happen?
— Torrent when respawning
Eh... That might be the Seawing curse I got from a piece of Darkstalker's talisman a while back... Or so Turtle told me, at least.
— Torrent's reply to Derek's reaction to Torrent
Not again-!
— Torrent's first line when leaving the game


  • Torrent's restrictive Precision Targets ability is because of the fact that he finds one of his partner Cogs' guns in the Mandala in Level 1, which was thrown in there by a large magical event. While in levels, an ammo drum is shown with six bullets, which can be used for anything - but once the player runs out, they run out! There's no reloading, so except for stunts, the gun is out of use. (As an anti-frustration feature, the player can hold B while the revolver is empty to open up the option to refill the drum for 50,000 studs. Hey, who said it was going to be cheap?)
  • Torrent is the oldest character ever made by DetectiveSky612, with his first design being finished in 2014.
  • Torrent, originating from a self-insert fanfiction work, is thus played by his creator, DetectiveSky612.
  • Torrent is interesting (and perhaps unique) in that he has no origin franchise.

Character Tag

Torrent's tag is blue and black, with a sword in the front.

Torrent Char Tag
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