Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner
Lego Timmy Turner Figure
Character Information
Name Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner
Franchise Nicktoons / The Fairly OddParents
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Time Scooter
Occupation Fairy God Child
Residence Dimmsdale
Hi, I'm Timmy Turner.
— Timmy's first line when entering the game.
Timmy's the name, wishing is the game.
— Timmy's second line when entering the game.
I have arrived, and I wish I had cool superpowers.
— Timmy's third line when entering the game.

Timmy Turner is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in one of the Nicktoons Fun Packs of The Fairly OddParents with the Time Scooter for the Nicktoons franchise.


I better get going.
— Timmy's first line when leaving the game.
It's time to get back to Dimmsdale.
— Timmy's second line when leaving the game.
My parents got to be wondering where I am, so I'm off.
— Timmy's third line when leaving the game.
I wish I really could figure this out.
— Timmy when unable to solve a puzzle.
Alright, neat!
— Timmy when solving a puzzle.
Jimmy Neutron, my big headed genius friend. So what have you been up too?
— Timmy when seeing Jimmy Neutron.
So you have magic, just like me fairies? (Twilight Sparkle: "Of course, many Equestrian Ponies have magical abilities.")
— Timmy's first line when seeing Twilight Sparkle.
So do you use your magic to grant godchild's wishes, just like my fairies do? (Twilight Sparkle: "Not quite, I use my magic for other certain things like keep the elements of harmony powered up.")
— Timmy's second line when seeing Twilight Sparkle.
I know about my Time Scooter, but I never knew about your time machine made from a DeLorean.
— Timmy when seeing Doc Brown.
Wow, what kind of superhero are you!?
— Timmy when seeing Superman.
That's a nice wand, but my fairies' wands are more cool looking.
— Timmy when seeing Harry Potter.
It's time to get rolling!
— Timmy when riding the Time Scooter.
Say, I like that this car is pink, just like my hat.
— Timmy when riding Homer's Car.
I love this magical flying car. Why didn't I wish for something like this?
— Timmy when riding the Enchanted Car.
Cool, I love this black superhero car.
— Timmy when riding the Batmobile.
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