Thump Jeep Thump Targeter Thump Buggy
Thump Jeep
Thump Jeep
The Thump Jeep
Owner Charger Garlic
Abilities *Laser
Set Metachargers Level Pack
Hello, you have boarded the Thump Jeep. Thump a dump dump!
— Thump Jeep's line when being entered
Thump Jeep is a Metachargers vehicle owned by Garlic.
Thump Jeep-0

The Thump Jeep's appearance ingame.


Thump Jeep is a monster truck that is unique, as it can only be Metacharged by two users (Garlic and Jockey), much like the Crimson Car. Garlic is much fascinated by it because it is his favorite color (green) and has an awesome Gatling Gun, while Jockey mainly likes it because the wheels are his favorite color (purple) and it is a monster truck in general.



  • Thump Jeep's quotes are done by a text-to-speech voice.
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